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Kingdom Bound 2014

I was fortunate to go to Kingdom Bound Festival on behalf of the station again this year and brought my husband with me. I've always felt trips and experiences were better together... plus, he makes a great camera man! ;) 
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Maybe it's because I grew up travelling with my family or because if I ever go somewhere withOUT my husband (his name is Jason) I'm always like "I wish Jason was here to see this!"... but I just find that everything is better with him by my side (sorry for being cheesey!).
Actually, one of my favourite things is to make a mini-vacation out of a work trip. I love my job as it is, but if I can find a way to mix work and play, it's a bonus!


So, aside from meeting some great artists and capturing a few awesome interviews, we had a relaxing time. Stopped at the famous House of Guitars in Rochester on the way down (it was started by 3 brothers in 1964 out of their mother's basement), and met up with Rose in Batavia (where we were staying) - She's the one who owns Roxy's Music Store I'm always recommending; a generous Christian woman who LOVES Canada and owns a store founded by her accordian-winning parents. 

I won't bore you with updates from the artists I interviewed - you'll hear it from them once the videos are on YouTube - but I must say, the highlight for me was seeing Nick Vujicic speak. He is so animated and funny and shared stories of how God has used him over the years. His primary message was that no matter what your challenges or what makes you different, God can give you the courage to do great things! At least 400 people came forward to accept Jesus in to their hearts that night. Wow! If you don't know his story, you can read it here:


Well, one ride on the epic Ride of Steel, batting cages, a funnel cake, some light shopping, and two Applebee's meals later, we arrived home safe and sound.

Plan to join us next year... It's a GREAT vacation spot (affordable and TONS to do!) and WE didn't even scratch the surface when we were there this time!


Check out some pictures below or on

(House of Guitars, Kathryn Scott, Greg Sykes, John Cooper of Skillet, Joel of For King & Country, 1 Girl Nation)



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