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altLast weekend my husband and I were Out and About at 9th Hour Theatre Company'€™s presentation of C. S. Lewis'€™ classics, The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters. It was interesting to see the themes between heaven and hell, good and evil, and man'€™s endless struggle with sin. C. S. Lewis presents these themes effectively and may I say, brilliantly, in each of these productions.

The Great Divorce presents heaven but also man's struggle as he'€™s faced with a choice - heaven or hell. It's done in such a way that you see various scenarios played out and each is based on the whether or not the character will accept God's love. This is such a challenge for the individual characters, even when it's presented in all its simplicity. Isn'€™t that true today? Choose which way you will go...and some choose God'€™s love, which leads to life, joy and ultimately heaven, and unfortunately, some do not. What a struggle!

The Screwtape Letters presents the idea of hell, demons and their ability to persuade mankind that they do not exist. Doesn't that ring true through all time but particularly for today! Lewis was bang on in the depiction of this theme and the choices we continuously make which seem to be connected to truth but are not. The demons are learning it'€™s better to give half-truths, which are actual lies, to achieve their results. As you a€™re watching this played out in each scenario, you can'€™t help but relate, to whatever degree, to your own life and choices. It left the audience, myself included, with much to think about. Brilliant!

The 9th Hour Theatre Company far exceeded our expectations in their ability to present these intricate themes and draw us into the deeper message with such effectiveness. Very thought provoking! This is a professional theatre company, with amazing talent from both actors as well as the producer, Jonathan Harris, who adapted The Great Divorce as a play. Congratulations to each and every one of you! These performances were truly great accomplishments and what a privilege it was to be there.

I highly recommend taking in one or both of these productions which is running until August 9th. Don'€™t delay as tickets are going fast! Visit



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