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A Great First for Ottawa

care_100I had my first Pro Soccer experience at the Ottawa Fury Home Opener on the weekend! Call me green, but here are just a few things I learned/observed at Saturday's sold-out game:


- It appears soccer is quite popular in Ottawa with a sold out Home Opener (3,400 fans). Lots of kids! Well recieved and great ambience. I can't wait to see how many come out to TD Place later in the summer.

- It may be cold in the stands (when you're not sitting in the sun) but it's hot on the field.

- The clock doesn't stop when the whistle blows, instead 'Injured time' gets added on to the end of the game. (The Minnesota United FC winning goal was scored in the 7th minute of injury time.)

- I've decided I feel uneasy watching 3 guys trying to head the ball at the same time. Communication, boys!!

- Trying to head a ball at the same time as your oponent is trying to high kick it results in getting serisouly kicked in the face (Ouch! poor Omar Jarun!)

- Was a little disappointed that Forward/Striker Tom Heinemann was injured and I didn't get to see him play. 
(See my In-Studio interview with Tommy here: )


The final score was 2 - 1 for Minnesota.


If you get a chance to catch the boys in action, do it! Schedule & ticket info here



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