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bill_100Thanks to one of our donors who feels that God wants CHRI to go to the next level, we received special funding so that I could attend the biggest Christian radio and TV event in the world. Annually, thousands attend National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville Tennessee (this was the 70th edition!) and although we've been aware of it we had other financial priorities.



Aeroplan made it possible to bring Denise, CHRI's volunteer CAO and my wife of 44 years, and she proved once again to be my greatest asset.

I had prayed for weeks before deciding to attend the NRB and believe God affirmed my participation when I was appointed to one of the National Religious Broadcasters Standing Committees. This gave me a privileged inside look and a birds eye view of the organization through a total access pass. Oh, and as a Committee Member my conference fees were waived bringing the whole thing right on budget!

For six days we ran from one meeting, workshop or seminar to the next event, exhibit or reception. Everything was well presented and provided opportunity for personal and professional growth.


In summary, we returned to Ottawa with confirmation that your CHRI team delivers Christian radio equal to the best in North America and we've seen the possibilities for reaching more people in more ways with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The biggest stations in the US use social media, video, music and teaching programs just the way we do and in some instances our team does it even better! The only difference is that the 'big guys' have the resources to reach further.

In reflecting on our experiences at the NRB we believe more than ever that in time God will provide us with the resources we need so that we can do more!

Thank you for your support and encouragement, we can't wait to see where the Lord will lead us next!


- Bill Stevens (General Manager)


photo #1 - Bill with Crossroads Television Systems' founder David Mainse (International Individual Achievement Award recipient
photo #2 - Bill with NRB Keynote speaker retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson




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