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Video: City Kidz Dream

Take a peek at the CityKidz Ottawa promo video showcasing who they are and the work being done in Overbrook with a commentary... (read more)

... from Bill Stevens, CHRI General Manager and Dianne Van der Putten, Director Marketplace Ministry.   You can see me getting choked up about CityKidz as they have really touched my heart as they  Inspire . Instill . Impact the children in the community.

The fundraiser last Friday was a wonderful success with new people attending the banquet and everyone helping to raise funds to support the work of CityKidz Ottawa.  My community group joined me for an evening out and were impacted by Wendy Turpin and her message of hope!  As a group we'll be unpackaging the evening further and hopefully plan to help out in some way. 

If you're interested in knowing more about CityKidz, or are wondering how you could help, please visit and let me know if you do!  I'd love to hear stories of God's people, doing God's work, in unity!

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