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What If...?

dianneIt's 5AM and I'm sitting in my kitchen, unable to sleep, having a cup of tea. There are a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head so please bear with me as I try to put it to paper.
Have you ever been inspired by a ministry that keeps you thinking and wanting to do more? Here are some questions keeping me awake: 


• What if there are children with not enough food to eat today?
• What if there are children lining up in a soup kitchen for dinner tonight?
• What if there are children with no one to turn to when they need help?
• What if there are children who are being bullied? Or abused?
• What if these same children grow to be teenagers and turn to the streets to find comfort and answers?
• What if.....?


I know there's a stark reality behind my questions. For many years I've volunteered at a soup kitchen in Vanier and have seen firsthand children and their families' line up for food. To be honest, it shocked me. I've talked with children as young as 12 with street smarts well beyond their years. My mind and heart search for answers and it comes to rest not on one answer but one hope – Jesus Christ. And I start praying.

But how do you put hands and feet to your thoughts, prayers and concerns? I think of the many ministries here in Ottawa that serve the poor and / or children. God bless them for their faithfulness. The unique ministry that I'm thinking of is City Kidz Ottawa. Have you heard of them?

Their Saturday morning program is run by volunteers with an amazing lady at the helm – Wendy Turpin. Wendy is the Branch Manager who has a heart for children as big as this city. The program is fun and action packed with object lessons to teach the children about a God who loves them and how they can apply the teaching to their daily lives. There's lots of fun, games, laughter, food, lessons that build into these kids and they develop relationships along the way. They do house visits during the week to encourage the children, see how their week is going, listen with their hearts and really connect with the kids. They let them know someone cares. How beautiful is that! While they're out and about, they meet other kids on the streets and engage with them, and invite them out to City Kidz too. Truly they are a beautiful reminder of the power of the Gospel in action.

You can't help but be inspired by their dedication and how they give their all to the un-churched children that come to City Kidz. You may know of City Kidz as they sponsor the CHRI Saturday morning Kids Club and through that connection and others, I've gotten to know Wendy and this ministry.

Here's the challenge for me and possibly for you? What can I do to help them fulfill their vision? Maybe it's to learn more about it first, maybe consider volunteering, maybe donate to help them fund the buses that pick up the children on a Saturday, maybe attend the Dream Banquet on November 7th and hear first hand from City Kidz and support them in some way? That's what I've decided to do and I'm looking forward to learning more about their work and cheer them on for each success, one child at a time!


Come and join me Out and About at the Dream Banquet in support of City Kidz Ottawa and be part of the impact. Visit for details.  Hope to see you there!




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