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Abolition Sunday 2013 - June 9

abolution_sunday_2013In the 1800s, it was Christians who led the movement to abolish slavery.... It is our turn again.

Millions of boys and girls around the world are forced or tricked into hard work for little or no pay. The work damages their bodies and minds and suffocates their hope for the future. Many are not able to leave these situations. It is child slavery—in our lifetime.

On June 9th (just before the World Day Against Child Labour, June 12),  we invite you to participate in Abolition Sunday. Your church can make child slavery the focus of your Sunday worship, learning and praying about this issue in the light of Christian faith.

There is a new abolition movement growing. Our goal is that Christians across Canada are leaders in it. You can pray, sign a petition on reducing the worst forms of child labour, and support vulnerable children, helping keep them safe from trafficking and exploitation.

World Vision Canada has free worship resources, Bible studies and stories from World Vision's work with children and communities are available below.  Join us!

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