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National We Day - Power of One

Yesterday, Ashley and I attended the first ever National We Day in Ottawa/Gatineau. Attended by 4,000 young people who earned their way there, the day was filled with motivation and inspiration. Here's my brief interview with co-founder of Free the Children, Craig Kielburger: 
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Having been to many large conferences and rallies in my life, it was cool to witness an arena (Robert Guertin Centre) that was packed with youth and "under-30's" who are all passionate about social justice and who have already made a difference locally and globally (You can't buy a ticket to We Day – you earn it through service: 1 local act + 1 global act)!

The format included a lineup of brief (about 5 minutes each) "presentations" from various recording artists, CEOs, TV actors, Olympics athletes, local heroes, etc., interspersed with videos and musical performances. The goal is that attendees will go back to their schools, clubs, friends and family and share what this movement is doing (host a "Mini We Day" they said:


(Spencer West said Canada is way ahead when it comes to volunteerism)

The message of We Day is "Alone, we feel powerless. Together, we can change the world". The tie-in for us at CHRI, is The Power of One: that One person CAN make a difference. We want to inspire and encourage you to find your God-given passion, find a need in your community, and take action. Right now, we're focusing on 'Hunger', but it doesn't stop there!

Most of the We Day speakers started off by saying they wanted to make a difference but doubted they could. Despite the doubt and fear of stepping outside their comfort zone, they all just went and did it!

What will YOU do?


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