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Global Leadership Summit Day 2

global_leadership_100Day 2 of the summit wrapped up with a challenge from Bill Hybels to follow the call start every day with a prayer submitting to participate in what God has called you to do in the local church.  

We heard from from CEO of Hewlett-Packered and get-it-done women, Carly Fiorina, from Pranitha Timothy a courageous leader that rescues slaves, data analysis guy Jim Collins, the first Canadian to speak at the Summit, Marc Kielburger and Canadian Pastor Tim Schroeder. 


Carly Fiorina
Recap of last time she spoke at the summit:
  • Tough Choices (
    • Bill Hybels HIGHLY recommends reading it
  • Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  • Take responsibly for your own leadership 
    • Get a mentor
    • Read books
  • Confidence & honesty is essential when working on tough choices as a team
  • Leadership core: Authenticity & character
  • Soul: when you close your eyes at night you can see you did your best today, you made a difference, I can be held accountable for what happened & I'm satisfied
  • When you get fired you have the gift of freedom to do new things
  • Last time she spoke Bill Hybels prayed for her on stage at the end of their interview & she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time: Peace
  • Saw God has a CEO figure, not personal, the bible stories weren't real to her
  • Bill Hybels & her stayed in contact, he truly invested in her life & she didn't understand
  • On Christmas Day she woke up & realized their were mysteries all over the world that science could not explain & she realized that of course God knows each one of us (like her GPS) guidance is provided
  • God knows what is happening in minute, personal details & Jesus shows us the right path
  • She came to understand God's love in a couple year of pain (family deaths & cancer) but through all this that sweet peace never left.  Cancer had brought so many blessings & appreciations
  • Life is not measured in time but in love, grace & contribution
Pranitha Timothy
International Justice Mission - India
  • Has rescued 4000 men, women & children from slavery
  • Stands up in court to reveal the truth about what is happening
  • She then walks for years with the victims
  • What does it take to be a leader with this kind of strength & courage she has?
  • Isaiah 42:1-4
  • Heard God's call & then was diagnosed with a brain tumour (lost ability to swallow, hear out of one ear & talk)
  • She kept going after her calling to set the captives free & after 2 years her voice came back
  • 15 years later she is almost completely healthy again
  • The pain that she does feel reminds her that she needs God
  • In her early years she was defensive against God. Self-destructive, cold hearted & dark
  • In her brokenness she realized the only hope that she had was in Jesus - the light will take away the darkness
  • God took away her cold heart & gave her a heart of compassion
  • This calling is a response to the freedom she has in Christ
  1. We are called to serve - God goes before us & makes the path straight
  2. This life belongs to God - willful decision that your life is God's & your strength is his.  Your family is safer in God's hands than your own
  3. God is good - redemption is seen all over.  Even when things don't turn out the way we expect.  We must always remember this.  This gives us hope to rescue people.  Hope that God can transform even the most hopeless cases.  We are full of hope.
  • God hears the cries of the oppressed.
  • We are called to serve because our lives belong to a God that is good
  • Please pray for protection for her & her family
Jim Collins
  • Why do some leaders thrive in chaos while others fail in the same circumstances?
  • Uses the comparison of the Amundsen & Scott Expeditions to the South Pole (
  • "Great By Choice" studies differences
  • What is the X Factor?
    • Fantastic Discipline
      • How do you exert control?
      • 20 mile march theory - Collins makes the analogy to someone who is trying to walk across the county. The best approach, says Collins, is to attempt to travel the same distance every day. If you’re on a 2-mile march, says Collins, you don’t bolt 30 miles ahead when the weather is good. You go 20 miles. When the weather is bad, you can’t sit inside and complain – you still have make 20 miles.  What is your 20mile march?
      • Mediocrity is not being willing to change
      • Consistency
    • Productive paranoia
      • High cash to asset ratio
      • Take your paranoia & translate it into buffers
      • It is what you do before the hard times come so you can be strong when people most need you.  You cannot only be strong when things are good.  This is malpractice.
      • The greatestest danger is not being success it's not understand why you are successful
      • You must keep your core values.  Separate values from practice, this is progress (constitution & admendment)
    • Empirical creativity
      • EMPIRICAL is the key word
      • You must test your theories before you put them into practice
      • Ask experts
      • Don't stop innovating but blend creativity & discipline - this is a marriage.  Creativity is not the hard part, it's natural discipline however is not.  How do you balnce these two? 20 mile march & empirical evidence
    • Ambition
  • Think of a time when:
  1. You didn't cause it
  2. There was potential for good or bad
  3. It was unpredictable
  • How you perform during this time?
  • Therefore, what is the role of luck?? (Stay with him...)
  • He decided to study luck
    • A specific event that:
      • You didn't cause it
      • Good or bad
      • Unpredictable
    • Is this not a miracle??
  • He has are the companies he study more "luck"? 
    • He found that NO they didn't just have "good luck"
    • It's what you do with these unpredictable events that makes the real difference
    • What is ROM?
    • You must make the most of these bad times.  Use it as a defining moment
    • & how do you make the most of a good event? 
      • Don't squander these events away!!
  • As leaders are we responsible for our performance or can we just blame events
  • Looking back at Scott & Amundsen it's not their events it's what they did
  • Greatness is not primary a function of circumstance it's primarily disciple & focus
  1. Superiority is relative to your mission
  2. A great org makes a distinctive impact - what would be lost if we disappeared
  3. An organization is not truly great if it cannot be great without you
  • Bill Hybels says he's always here for Jimm Collins - true friendship
  • Commit in your life to building something enduring & great.  Get involved in something that you care about down to your toes not b/c of what you'll get out of it b/c it needs to be done
  • All that matters is a meaniful life
  • A distinctive contribution
  • Know that your time on earth has been well spent & that it matter
Marc Kielburger
Co-founder Free the Children
Interviewed by Christine Cain, A21 Campaign
  • Started tackling environmental issues at 13
  • His brother Craig started tackling human rights issues at 12
  • Started b/c of reading a newspaper article about a 12 boy in Pakistan who was sold into slavery
  • Started with 12 12 year olds
  • 1.7 million kids involved now
  • They build schools internationally funded by domestic programs
  • #1 reasons girls in Sub-Saharan Africa can't go to school is b/c they have to get water
  • They have taught villages to be independent
  • Starting in sr. Kindergarten in North America they teach kids to care about other kids around the world
  • Me to We started by asking this question:  What type of legacy do you want to leave?
  • How do you keep the passion?
    • They sell hope
    • Listening
    • Community
    • Meaning
    • Gratitude
    • Legacy
  • 2 leaders are better than one - communication & alignment
  • Sr leadership often under communicate by a factor of 10 - communication is key
  • We Day video:
  • Help kids find their gift
  • Gift + issue = change the world
  • Look for kids with:
    • Empathy
    • Show not tell
    • Shameless idealism
  • They bring kids to their project to see what happens.  Majority of kids that go are girls between the ages of 14-17
  • They know its a successful trip when they get back to Heathrow & the girls male 2 calls 1) their parents to thank them 2) their boyfriends to dumb them :). B/c their lives have been changed so much
  • 1 billion young people on earth right now
  • Met mother Teresa in Kolkata Had a huge impact on their lives "We can do no great things but we can do small things with great love"
Tim Schroeder
  • God has a purpose for YOU
  • It's so easy to see greatness & potential in others but not in ourselves
  • God has a call for you
  • Story of Gideon Judges 6-8 
    • This the story of so many Christians!!
    • We don't think God is going to use us
    • We don't think God is with us
    • If God is on our side why are things so broken?
      • He's been waiting for you!! Yes, YOU!
  • Change your "Who, me?" to "I'm in!"
  • Who me?  We make excuses by:
    • Exaggerate your inadequacy
    • Depersonalize the call
    • Ignoring your own backyard
    • Embracing Paralyzing Doubts
    • Focusing on a lack of resources
  • Changing our minds is hard!
  • We are trapped in our patterns of thinking
  • I'm in!
    • Acting before all questions are answered
    • Cleaning up your own backyard - what areas of you given in to culture
    • Going public with your call - until you share your call it hasn't even seized you.  It gives you accountability, brings others along beside you
    • Exercising due diligence
    • Using whatever's in your hand
  • Which pattern of thinking are you going to take?
  • Are you all in?
Bill Hybels
  • Everyone wins when a leader gets better
  • The local church is the hope of the world
  • Mathew 16:18
  • Hopeful
  • Heard in college for the first time that people really could live all for God
  • Why can't there being a church like in Acts?
  • People love & die for visions
  • Have you ever been seized by a vision? Prov 29:18
  • He saw so much activity at the beginning of his ministry
  • Government's don't change hearts
  • Businesses can't make something to change hearts
  • A class at school can't change hearts
  • Only the local church can help change hearts
  • Jesus is the only thing on earth that can change hearts & since God entrusted power to the church ... The local church is the hope of the world.
  • Each church attender truly matters & we need to focus on making sure they live their life to the fullest
  • Start every day with a prayer submitting to participate in what God has called you to do in the local church
  • Bill challenged everyone to pray the following prayer every day for the next 30 days…

God, this is a new day. I freshly commit myself to the role you have invited me to play, as you are buildign your church in this world. I am awestruck again today that you include me in this grand life-giving, world transforming endeavor. So today I joyfully offer you:

  • My love
  • My heart
  • My talents
  • My energy
  • My creativity
  • My faithfulness
  • My resources
  • And my gratitude

I commit all of myself to the role you have assigned me in the building of your church so that it may thrive in the world. and I will “bring it” today. I will bring my best. You deserve it, your church deserves it. It is the hole of the world.

  • What impacted you from Bill’s talk?  What action will you take as a result?



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