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Global Leadership Summit Day 1

global_leadership_100Wow!  What a day, still digesting what we experience at the summit. Dianne & myself (Ashley) along with a couple hundred others heard from the veteran leader Bill Hybels, powerhouse Condoleezza Rice, firecracker Patrick Lencioni, visionary Craig Groeschel and heart-changer John Ortberg today at Ceaderview Church.  

I took a ton of notes & have compiled them into a bullet point summary for each speaker. If you ever have the opportunity to hear any of these guys talk, do it! You will learn so much from their grace, poise & wisdom. It was honour to be able to take in a portion of all they offer.



Bill Hybels

Luke 8
- rock
- thorns
- good soil
  • Keep sowing the seeds eventually you'll find good soil
  • The seed is rejected 75% of the time
  • Should we plant more seeds to change the ratio?
  • New church flyer story
  • Do my neighbours know who (the church) are?
  • Should we send out flyers? Yes tell them who you are!!
  • Cat story
  • We have to sow WAY more seeds, different seeds!!
  • Now using Alfa, put differences aside
  • Lunatic fringe
  • Run new experiments! Try out dreams
  • If you sow the same seeds year after year and never grow and expect a difference you are insane!
  • You have to be the dreamer, the risk taker, you can't fall asleep
  • As a leader you set the pase
  • You have to have a vision to see more trees
  • Experiment with planting new seeds "tinkering"
  • Everyone wins when a leader is better
360 Degree Leader
  • YOU are the most difficult person you will ever leader
  • The ability to energize others is one of the most important aspect of a leader!! ENERGY!!
  • 6x6 strategy
    • Focus on what you can do.  pray about it.  Ask God what he would like.
    • 6 points to focus on in 6 weeks on a 6x6 card - pray over them.
    • Nothing sacred but you can go hard for 6weeks & is good for goal setting.
    • Don't do what you would like to do but what would actually be best for you company.
    • Energy Bursts: Reorder your work day around these points.
  • God made you a leader to move stuff ahead not to respond to stuff all day
  • who picks this? What's the time line?
  • We should set up our churches to be stronger when we leave then they were when we were apart of them.
Here to there
  • build the case against here before you paint the picture of there
  • We loose the most energy in the middle.  Important to keep the vision going.
  • There's nothing like a local church when a local church is working
  • Be thankful the great leaders in your life you have influenced you
  • Have you thanked God recently for the privilege of being able to lead something recently?
  • The worst day on the water beats the best day on the land.
  • Enjoy everyday you get to lead b/c it will be over in a blink


Condoleezza Rice




  • Ceausescu Moment
  • Universality of freedom
  • Basic rights for everyone (seeing this in the middle)
  • Freedom & democracy are different
  • Democracy is the instituting of freedom
  • The strong cannot exploit the weak & this is not just the work of government
  • Democracy is only as strong as its weakest link, we must cary others along
  • Every life is worthy & is capable of greatness & we have a responsibility to make sure that opportunity is there
  • No kings & queens in democracy
  • Christians go beyond the law
  • Delivering compassion has to be done by people who feel every life is worthy
    • Story of Bush telling aids orphan God is good & he replied all the time
  • The best thing you can do for a person is to give them control of their own future & this done by education
Leading others
  • Be optimistic but how?
  • keep perspective how hard it is there has been some HARD times in the past
  • you must do the hard work in today's headlines for histories judgement
  • It's a privilege to struggle
  • You are driven to your knees because you have no where else to go
  • Romans 5
  • some how things that seem impossible some how seem innevable when you look back
  • leaders work for the world they want not the world they see


Patrick Lencioni


Organizational Health
  • to maximize the organization it has to be healthy
  • south west airlines is great not b/c their smart but because their healthy
  1. cohesive leadership team at the top
  2. clarity, intellectually aligned
6 critical questions:
  1. Why do we exist? 
    1. effects decisions you make
    2. What's your mission statement
  2. How do we behave?
    1. must make sense
    2. core values - what are they?
    3. something your willing to get punished for
  3. What do we do
  4. How will we succeed
    1. Strategy: accessible to everyone the mired of intentional decisions you make
    2. 3 anchors to make decisions a science not a guess
  5. What is most important right now
  6. Who will do what?
  • if your people cant do a good impression of you when you’re not around, you’re not communicating enough
  • Organizational health should be a standard


Craig Groeschel



  • Bring a friend Sunday
  • Speakers if you forget what you were going to say repeat what you just said & walk back to your notes
  • If you're not dead you are not done
  • You've still got a lot to give
  • As you mature your best days are before you
  • Don't fear the younger generation
  • Young people often think small
  • Don't just delegate tasks b/c you will only create followers. Delegate authority to create leaders
  • Authenticity beats cool every time
  • You can be a spiritual parent to those who come behind you Psalm 71:8
  • What is the one word that describes 20-something's?  Entitled
  • The generation is very protected!
  • You overestimate what you can do in the short run but underestimate what you can do in the long run?
  • showing honour publicly equates to statues privately
  • We need to learn to honour God for who he truly is
  • Respect is earned but honour is given.  Honour values, builds up, loves. Faithfully honour those above you.
  1. Create ongoing feedback loops between those who are older and those who are younger
  2. Create specific mentoring moments
  3. Create opportunities for significant leadership development
  • The most cause driven generation
  • You don't want a job you want a calling
  • You don't want money you want to make a difference
  • You can make a difference if you humble yourself
  • Let us stand together for the glory of Christ & make his name known


John Ortberg
  • You can't even look at a map without being reminded of Jesus
  • Eugene Peterson (The Message) bullying story
  • Jesus has been the dominant figure in Western culture for 20 centuries
  • You have to ask who was this man?
  • To often we argue about Christianity & don't marvel at Jesus
  • Jesus is the least likely candidate to change the world
  • Jesus gave the world it's most influential movement; the church 
    • Community
    • Brings random people together
  • Jesus changed how we think about history
    • King of kings, Lord of Lord
    • We name our kids Peter & Paul &our dogs caesar & Niro
    • Dates are based on when he died
  • Jesus shaped how we express compassion
  • Jesus shaped education 
    • Jesus taught everybody (men & women, slave & free)
    • Oxford university "the lord is my light"
    • 90% of US colleges started before the civil war were created in Jesus' name
    • Education honours God
  • Jesus revolutionized art
  • Jesus changed political theory
    • My kingdom is not of this world
  • Jesus changed human rights and dignity
    • People have value
    • God of love - where did this come from?
    • God is like a father
    • Gal 3:28
    • First expression of egalitarian
  • Jesus uniquely taught love of enemies
    • Turn the other
    • Jesus on the cross
  • Who IS this man? His work is not done
  • What if the Jesus impact was bigger in the next generation then every before?


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