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Photos from Don Moen/Matt Maher Concert

moenmaher_smCheck out a few pics from Saturday night's worship event... Not just a concert!




Cedarview Alliance Church was filled with a wild crowd of worshippers on Saturday, June 4th, 2011!

The lineup started at 4:30pm with a group from Montreal who arrived early enough to guarantee a front-row seat. Don Moen and Matt Maher took turns leading while backed up by the other and, together, their band members shared the stage. Matt Maher chose songs that were familiar to CHRI listeners and Don first brought out his violin during Maher's "Great Things". Leading into an intermission, a video for "Food for The Poor" showed Don's involvement with the ministry and the work they have been doing in Haiti. His song "God Will Make a Way" played faintly in the background but the audience sang along.
Unlike many concerts, the house lights were on throughout the evening (most worship leaders prefer to see the people they're leading... they're able to connect easier). There was no need for a dark room with dramatic lighting... hands were raised and praise was lifted high and loud!!
Even though the intermission was long (during which Don came out to meet his fans and sign autographs) fans were there together worshipping to new songs as well as all-time favourites. 

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