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Day 4 in Ecuador with Compassion

ecuador_day4_09On our last day in Ecuador we experienced the Handicraft market in Otavalo. Saturdays are usually the biggest days for the locals to sell their goods but there was still an entire city block of vendors.


On our way to our final dinner together back in Quito, we drove through downtown and had a quick tour of the historical Captial of Ecuador. Built in Colonial times (in the 17th and 18th Century) we saw the Presidential Palace, cathedrals and amazing old architecture. Right outside the restaurant that overlooks the entire city (Pim's, means "little bread") was a huge statue of the Virgin Mary taming the Beast. It was built from the same materials as the Statue of Liberty sent piece by piece from Spain. Dad also noticed an Inca tomb on site.


There is so much more I would like to share about my experiences in Ecuador and what I learned about Compassion's work in the communities through the churches... Videos will gradually get posted and many more stories will come up on air during our upcoming Compassion Days (this November)!



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