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greg_sczebel_loveCanadian talent Greg Sczebel has entered into a friendly competition called "PEAK Performance Project" through a radio station in British Columbia (100.5 The PEAK) for a chance to win $100.500.00 towards his career.  His first challenge is to create a viral video that promotes him as an artist. He decided to use smart PR and do a take on the popular new TV show "Glee" (and yes, I admit I'm a fan of "Glee", but are you surprised? I'm a theatre person!).

Every year in this competition, the Top 20 artists are given a set of challenges to complete. The goal of these challenges is to help the artist grow in areas that may need work, show off their artistic creativity, and give the judges something to critique! An old friend of CHRI stopped by the studios this morning and showed us Greg's "entry" in the first challenge and I thought it would be a great idea to show our support for Greg, seeing as how we DO play his music and listeners are loving his new song "Causin' A Commotion".

 Vote for him, 'share this' and help his video go VIRAL! (voting starts this Fall at )


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