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This One's for the Guys

I realized my past few posts have been kind of girl oriented and I figured I should send one out to the guys.  I read a blog post by Mars Hill Pastor, Mark Driscoll, over the weekend and think it's a great intro for men into his teachings. Although sometimes controversial with his bold & direct comments, I appreciate Mark's honesty to speak what he sees happening in the church.

I have heard from multiple men in my life that they relate to his style of preaching and I can respect that.  love that Mark is trying to challenge men on their level and that he speaks about the nitty-gritty of life and about real issues men face.  Ladies, this may help to explain a few things about the men in your life and I personally found some of it applicable to me. Here's the article: Why Men Are Cultivators, Warriors, and Sages.

A few lines I enjoyed:
Men are built to defend truth and justice, to conquer evil and to promote righteousness, and to protect the helpless and the vulnerable and the weak.
They're [men] created to get wisdom and knowledge from God, teach, and then impart that to others.
Men need wisdom, and you men need to understand and receive the fact, you are teachers. You are teaching. You can't help it. You're either teaching good or bad, but you're teaching something with your words or with your deeds.

Know your Bible. Love your Bible. Study your Bible.
James 1:5 says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God and he'll give it to you."


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