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12 Interesting Women Leaders Under 40

In continuation to my last post (A Slice of Inspiration) I discovered a list of 12 amazing female voices in the Christian circle.  I hope this encourages women to persue God's dreams for them & for men to support the women in your life; encouraging them to be bold in persuing their dreams and talents.  Click more for the list. 

This list obviously isn't exhaustive & yes the list is American (I found it on a US site).  If you want to share with me any amazing women (or men) who are making waves send me an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I'm always looking for new teachers or awesome organizations that challenge me and get me thinking.

1. Christine Caine- Equip and Empower, Hillsong Church and A21 Ministries
2. Jo Saxton- 3DM Ministries
3. Priscilla Shirer- Going Beyond Ministries
4. Jenni Catron- Cross Point Church
5. Anne Jackson- Flowerdust Worldwide!
6. Jeanne Stevens- Soul City Church
7. Margaret Feinberg- Feinberg Worldwide!
8. Phileena Heuertz- Word Made Flesh
9. Shauna Niequist- Niequist Enterprises!
10. Nikki Toyama-Szeto- Intervarsity, Urbana
11. Bethany Hoang- International Justice Mission
12. Jena Lee Nardella- Blood:Water Mission

Oh yes, and all these women are under 40.  This list is helping me set goals!  Here's where I found the list:

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