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A Call To Pray

My last blog post dealt with the idea of prayer and how it impacts the spiritual realm which then changes what happens here on earth. A horrific event in Afghanistan has been brought to my attention and our brothers and sisters need you to pray.

Concern for the safety of many Christians in Afghanistan has intensified since May 27, 2010 when Noorin, a small local Kabul television station, aired a special report that revealed the faces and names of Christian converts, and those who allegedly assisted in their conversion. The program aired pictures of Christian baptisms and video of Christian prayer meetings held at alleged missionary safe houses in western Kabul. The Afghan government suspended the operations of two church-based relief groups on Monday over suspicions that they were involved in converting Afghans to Christianity, even though the evidence against them apparently consisted of nothing more than a listing in a telephone directory.

Waheed Omar, spokesman for President Hamid Karzai, announced on June 1 that the president had ordered steps to prevent further conversions to Christianity. According to sources, authorities drew up a list of 14 NGOs and 25 or more foreign and local Christians to be investigated for Christian activity.

The program also stirred up public outcry and demonstrations calling for severe punishment for anyone participating in conversion activity. They demanded that government officials enforce a stricter application of Sharia Law, which states that it is a crime, punishable by death, to convert anyone born Muslim to another religion. While Afghanistan's constitution provides for freedom of religion for its citizens, Sharia Law often takes precedence over the constitution in its courts and halls of justice.

Praying is what is what it means to be a part of family. We must be aware of what is happening around the world to our brothers and sister and we must support them in any way possible. As I mentioned in my last post, God is at the core of this world. We have nothing to fear and we know that he is working everything out for the good of his people. It also reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in a country where we can follow Jesus freely. God gave us free will, which gives us the freedom to practice any religion. It is horrible to hear about a government forcing someone to commit to a way of life. No matter if I believe someone is right or wrong, I know God has given them the ability to chose Him or chose another way and it is not my place to force my believes on someone else. How grateful I am to be in a country that allows me to live that out.

Please pass this along to others and make them aware of what is happening in our family.

Here are the articles from the New York Times, Washington Examiner, & World Magazine.

- For the courage and safety of the Christians shown in the video report aired by Noorin, who have reportedly been arrested. Also pray for comfort for their families .
- For Christians within Afghanistan who have been living in fear since the government's declaration, for their safety and for courage to continue to be His witnesses as he leads them.
- That Afghanistan's Prime Minister and his Parliament would consider carefully their roles as ministers of justice and freedom, ensuring the safety of all their citizens as granted under their constitution.
- For Christians who reside in countries that are free of persecution, that they would act on behalf of their brothers and sisters in Christ who are in Afghanistan, influencing and impacting dignitaries and governments representatives who may have the power to intervene for the safety and freedom of Christians in Afghanistan.


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