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We know that you want to grow a thriving business and inspire your community with your success story. The same is true for you, leaders of mission-driven organizations, as you want to have a growing and lasting impact. The problem is when challenges arise, you are often left improvising, which makes you feel overwhelmed and even stuck sometimes. In the show Thrive 11-10, Awarding-winning and Certified Kingdom Advisor Bold Kéré, along with seasoned guests from all walks of entrepreneurship, deliver weekly insights and practical tips you can implement right away. Topics include management, marketing, sales, finances, communications, efficiency, leadership, products and services offering, human resources, and more. Tune in to CHRI every Monday at 9:15 A.M. ET and get the results you are looking for in your businesses and organizations, without losing your sanity. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Bold, visit

10-11-21 2 Simple Things to Make Your Mission Statement a Daily Reality

Once you have a mission statement that makes sense (re-listen to episode 2), one that you and your team can actually remember, one that isn't just good for the books, how can you turn that into a daily reality? How can you make sure your organization works perfectly in line with your mission statement daily, to move it forward?

10-04-21 A Secret Weapon for the Christian Leader

In this world we face trouble, or we will at some point (John 16:33). It may show up in our business, ministry, relationships, health, finances, etc. The good news is that we are not powerless. Listen to this episode and be encouraged.

09-27-21 Overcoming Challenges in Family Businesses

Sometimes, your dreams lead you to starting a business where the entire family is involved.
It comes with specific challenges beyond the typical business challenges. That's because in family businesses, family life and business endeavors are very intertwined. In that context, how can you overcome those specific challenges, have a happy family, a profitable business, and thrive?

09-20-21 Doing Business as a Couple

Navigating life and business or ministry as a couple has its share of challenges and can be a catalyst for greater harmony. Get practical keys on how to do that well.

09-13-21 Fix This Next

If you want to take your business from point A to point B, this episode will help you know exactly what to tackle next using a proven methodology, rather than relying on your instincts or hitting on the first nails that pop out.

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