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Each week on "Jewish Faith & Jewish Facts", Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Israel, Steven Garten, will explore aspects of the Jewish religion, people, and holidays, and give insight on the ancient scriptures from a Jewish perspective.

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Listen to past episodes, below. 

10-16-22 From the Bible to the Rabbi - Sukkot

10-09-22 Yom Kippur and the Book of Jonah

10-02-22 The Meaning Of Turning Around - Return

09-25-22 Welcome 57-83

09-18-22 My Father Was a Wandering Aramean

09-11-22 Morality: Torah Style

09-04-22 What Is Communal Leadership?

08-28-22 God & Moses Inseparable Partnership [Encore]

08-21-22 God of Potential [Encore]

08-14-22 Was Noah Righteous? [Encore]

08-07-22 The 8th Day of Creation [Encore]

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