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"The Silent Gift"(10-28-09)


A story of love and enormous sacrifice by a lonely, struggling mother and her disabled son at a time when Americans have no room for the poor and are simply trying to survive their economic woes and job losses: The Great Depression. When all of a sudden, The Gift arrives... where has it come from and why?


Click to hear Ali's interview with Michael Landon Jr., co-author of "The Silent Gift".

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"The Gospels- Cartoon"(10-28-09)


Anyone who can heal the sick, raise the dead and walk on water can't possibly be boring! "The Gospels - New Testament" is the first book in the Cartoon Bible Series.


Click to hear Brock's interview with author and illustrator Patricia Loranger.

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"Things Left Unspoken"(10-21-09)


Jo-Lynn Hunter is at a crossroads in life when her great-aunt Stella insists that she return home to restore the old family house in sleepy Cottonwood, Georgia. Seeing the project as the perfect excuse for some therapeutic time away, Jo-Lynn discovers that sometimes the truth has a way of making itself known.


Click to hear Ali's interview with "Things Left Unspoken" author Eva Marie Everson.

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"The Marriage Code"(10/21/09)


Discover your own secret language of love with "The Marriage Code". It's possible to have a secure and successful marriage, but you have to know the access code that keeps the heart-to-heart connection to your spouse alive and well!


Click to hear Brock's interview with Best-selling authors of "Men Are Like Waffles -Women Are Like Spaghetti", Bill & Pam Farrel.


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"Rain Song"(10-14-09)


Something happened in Nicole’s childhood when she lived with her missionary parents in Japan. Now in North Carolina, Nicole meets Harrison through her online column and learns he not only lives in Japan, where she vowed never to return, but in fact knows more about her childhood that she does!


Click here to listen to Ali's interview with "Rain Song" author Alice J. Wisler and find out how you can save 20% OFF the purchase of this book!

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