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10:00AM - Adventures in Odyssey

odyssey_logoAdventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. So dust off your imagination and join the kids in Odyssey for inspiring adventures that are flat-out fun!

9:00AM - Paws & Tales

paws_tales_logoThe Paws & Tales radio drama was created to teach biblical truth to children and to their parents. You'll be laughing and singing along with an amazing song written for every episode. Paws & Tales helps parents Establish, Equip, and Engage their children in their growing faith through creative, modern-day parables. Across an array of media, these well-crafted stories help set a sound biblical foundation for kids between the ages of 4 and 8. With hands-on theological tools for parents to use with their children, Paws & Tales ministers to the entire family.

8:00AM - Veggie Tales

veggie_tales_logoFeaturing vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity, the Veggie Tales radio shows frequently retell Biblical stories, sometimes anachronistically reframed, and include humorous references to pop culture in many different eras by putting Veggie spins on them (e.g., classic literature, TV shows, etc.). The series was developed by Big Idea Entertainment.

7:00AM - Jungle Jam

jungle_jam_logoJungle Jam is a children's radio show with Evangelical Christian themes and humour. All episodes teach a lesson about the Bible or about Christian life.

Various children's programs and adventure dramas are a great way to entertain your kids (12 years and under) on Saturday mornings. These dramas include practical lessons even parents will enjoy that teach truth and emphasize good values. The Saturday Morning Kids Club also features high energy music they're sure to love!

Every Saturday morning from 7:00am - 11:00am on Family Radio CHRI.

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