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Take Your Backyard Campfire to the Next Level

campfireWhether you have a fire pit in your backyard or not, a family campfire is so much fun. At IAWAH we like to sing songs and play games around the campfire. And of course, there are s'mores. There is something wonderful about time spent around the fire. Why don't you grab your marshmallows, and pull up a seat around your very own family campfire? We've collected some ideas to help you make your backyard campfire a success.

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10 Fun Facts About Canada You Probably Didn't Know


Happy Canada D'Eh! Another year has gone by where festivities have had to be scaled back due to COVID. However you are choosing to celebrate this year, remember to stay safe and protect your furry friends if there will be fireworks nearby!

Read more for 10 fun facts about Canada, originally from Today's Parent!

Disclaimer: CHRI does not endorse the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the authors or organizations in the linked articles.

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CHRI Crossword Puzzle

crossword 330

How well do you know CHRI? Test your knowledge by completing this crossword puzzle! 

Download the puzzle, here.

Download the answers, here. 

Celebrating 7 Years of Menchie's Barrhaven

just (1).png

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Yes Day


"Yes Day" is based on a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with the same title, and the essential idea of this day is to spend an entire 24 hours, once a year, responding to every Yes or No question that your child asks you with a "Yes". The book recently became a Netflix movie (March 2021), featuring Jennifer Garner, and Focus on The Family's PluggedIn gave it a positive review with a "light" content caution for kids, teens, and adults.

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DIY Bird Feeders for The Kids, Crafters, and Waste Savers


There's nothing like sitting out on a summer day, and seeing all kinds of beautiful birds flying across your yard. Having a bird feeder is one of those things where if you don't have one, you don't necessarily think about it, but once you have one, you grow an immense appreciation for the variety of birds that we can observe right in our yards throughout the summer. If you want to enjoy the beauty of God's creation from your home this year, then we encourage you to try creating your own DIY bird feeder!

Read more for 3 DIY bird feeders.

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10 Summertime Journal Prompts


Keeping a journal or a diary has shown to have many great benefits. It can help us clarify and understand our thoughts, express our deepest desires, and inspire our creativity. It is also a great tool in relieving everyday stress, and as Christians, journaling can bring us closer to God.

It can sometimes be hard to know what exactly to write about, so I've put together a list of prompts for you to write on this summer. I encourage you to carve out some time to journal over these next couple of months. Who knows, it may just lead to the breakthrough you've been looking for! 

Read more for 10 summertime journal prompts. 

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Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt


Nature walks are a great way to get in some exercise, take a break, and enjoy the beautiful wildlife that God has put all around us. Why not engage further with your environment and turn your walk into a fun adventure game, with a scavenger hunt? We've created a list of 15 things to look for on your next nature walk! Go on your own, or bring a friend or family member, and have fun while appreciating the scenery! 

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Zipline from Ottawa to Gatineau This Summer


Looking for a thrilling adventure this summer? The only interprovincial zipline in the world opens TODAY, June 24th! You can zipline from Ottawa to Gatineau, right over the Ottawa River at speeds up to 40 km/hr. Tickets are $39.99 per adult and $29.99 for children 14 and under, and you can be among the first to experience the incomparable sensation of flying over the Ottawa River and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the National Capital Region!

Book online now:

Beauty Hack, or Weird Trend?

ketchupThe hot summer weather calls for lots of pool time, but the chlorine that accumulates on our hair over time can do some damage. How can you prevent chlorine from damaging your hair? Beauty expert Emma Heming Willis recently revealed that she uses ketchup--yes, ketchup (on its own!)--to bring life back into her mane when it's feeling the chlorine. On The TODAY Show, she said that the tomato and the vinegar is very acidic, so together they can help with chlorine build-up. Who knew?!

Read more for how to apply the one-ingredient hair mask! 

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Pick Your Own Strawberries, Ottawa & Surrounding Areas

strawberrypickingBy now, you've probably seen your friends on Facebook posting pictures of their strawberry picking adventures. Strawberries are currently at peak ripeness, and what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than by going strawberry picking at a local patch? We've made up a list of places in the Ottawa region you can pick strawberries with your families this summer! Strawberry picking season is short, so plan accordingly! ;) 

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