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Your Name Could Win You $99.10 Every Day Until The End of June!

NameGame 660

 Everyone has a first name, and yours could win you $99.10 on the Morning Express **UNTIL THE END OF JUNE***! Surprise! You have another month to listen for your first name to win cash, courtesy of Francis Plumbing & Heating! 

• Listen weekdays at 8:00 A.M. ET
• Brock will announce a first name on air, and if he says your first name, text in "My name is [insert name]" as fast as you can! We want to hear from you, OR someone you know! Get all your friends and family involved! Text 613-247-1886
• The first person, with that given name, to text in, wins $99.10.
• Only someone with that first name can may NOT text on their behalf!

PRO TIP: Our first name ideas will stem from CHRI's bi-weekly email subscriber list. So, if you want to ensure that your name is in the mix, sign up now!

PRIZE: $99.10

• Francis Plumbing & Heating has been in Ottawa since 1933 and is based on Christian ethics and morals.
• Safety first always – all Francis technicians follow recommended safety protocols before entering your home.
• Offering many products & services including: furnaces, plumbing, heating, hot water, water purification, gas lines, and heat pumps (a highly efficient and green heating & cooling option)

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