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25th ANniversary 660


2022 marks the 25th year that CHRI has been broadcasting, and after some thought about how to best show that, we have created a special 25th anniversary logo.

It incorporates four of our brand colours, each one representing a different phase of our celebration.

In each quarter of 2022 we’ll focus a prayer of thanksgiving on a different aspect of our reflection on our 25 years of bringing the gospel to thousands of Canadians through music and the spoken word.

First, is looking back on God’s grace for all these years and the forgiveness of God and our listeners for any and all of our trespasses throughout the years. We pray that He will continue to accept our humble prayers and trust that we are forgiven by all. If you carry the burden of unforgiveness for something we’ve done or said in the name of CHRI please let us know so we can make amends and go forward together.

Second, is the music of CHRI that sets us apart from all other stations in our listening areas. We pray that God will continue to inspire the artists who use the great gifts that God has given them to write the lyrics and the music that often combine to create moments filled with the Holy Spirit, touching the hearts of listeners with life changing inspiration. Although these precious moments are between God and the listener many have shared their stories and how the right song at the right time...changed their life forever!

The third quarter will focus on our 25th anniversary of our listeners and supporters who have been there for CHRI. Many, supported CHRI during the application process even before the station went on the air. CHRI is listener supported and donations from all across our listening area and beyond have sustained us during the downtimes and through the growth spurts, year after year. Indeed, we have donors who have been giving for 25 years some of whom are participating in legacy giving programs to ensure that CHRI will still be serving generations to come.

The culmination of this quarter will be our Annual Sharathon in September, which will be a celebration with some of the biggest prizes in the history of CHRI!!!

Our fourth and final quarter in the celebration of CHRI’s 25th year will be a look at the future. Included in this will be expansion plans as technology allows the opening of new territories and access to bigger audiences. One of the questions we’ll be exploring with you is the prospect of FM-radio vs streaming and the growth of connected cars along with connected homes. CHRI has already added fiber optics and digital technologies to our mix but there is so much more automation coming down the pike and a constant evolution of platforms with which to share our unique blend of gospel music and Bible teaching.

It just keeps getting better so we’re celebrating throughout the year.


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